I am a 30-something that tested BRCA1+ in 2007 when I was 28 years old. The confirmation that I carried the gene made me drastically rethink my life’s direction. Luckily, my then boyfriend, now husband, stood by me through it all and made it possible for me to carry out my plan before having to endure these necessary, hopefully lifesaving, prophylactic surgeries. We now have two young sons, are employed full-time, and live in centralOhio. As our lives get more and more hectic, getting past these surgeries and moving forward with raising our sons, continuing with our careers, and generally living our lives will be an incredible relief since the diagnosis years ago.

I am scheduled for a double mastectomy with immediate DIEP reconstruction on January 17, 2013. After that surgery I will consult with my oncology gynecologist to schedule a hysterectomy. The plan is for both surgeries to happen during the 2013 calendar year. My surgeries will be performed at The Ohio State University Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital. This is the same medical center that my mother received all of her care. I am also using the same group of oncologists (although not the same doctors).

I was originally stumped with what to put into the “About Me” section, so my older sister helped me with a list of facts about myself. Apparently this is what stands out about me to her.

– I am a Libra

– I like roulette and ceviche

– I don’t move the covers at all when I sleep

– I like to give myself informal eating challenges


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