I’ve never dreamed of writing, it’s just one of those things that always seemed to be part of my life.  I enjoyed keeping diaries as a little girl, followed by journaling to get through my emotions, feelings, and general mental well-being my college years, and later emails to my best buddy-o, Kate.  These writing outlets have given me a place to work through the trials and tribulations of life.

I was in high school when I had to write a faith statement to become a member of our church.  It was very nerve racking to me to write something that I not only had to read in front of the entire congregation, but would also be published in our monthly newsletter.  I tried to write like I thought a professional author would, but just became frustrated and finally just documented my true feelings.  I felt that my words didn’t convey the beauty that everyone else seemed to have within their statements, but at least felt confident that I wrote the truth.  My mom was given so many compliments about my faith statement.  One in particular always stuck with me.  When my mom asked what he liked about my statement he said, “You could tell that she truly felt what she was saying.  It wasn’t just something to get the statement finished.  She really made me feel her faith”.  That’s when I realized that I was a good writer.  True, I still rely on my older sister, Jamie, if I need a little flourish or help with flow, but overall, I can get my message across.

I began blogging a few years ago to keep myself accountable with exercising in “My Power 90 Journey”.  It worked and was something that I very much enjoyed until I became pregnant with my first son.  After he was a bit older, I realized that life threw me into a completely new place and I needed an outlet, so I returned to blogging, beginning “Newly Organic”.  Again I really enjoyed that topic and sharing information and although I took a short break when my second son arrived, I found it therapeutic to pick it up again.  Once more, another obstacle was thrown into my path of life, and I felt obligated to communicate my journey, to not only keep friends and family informed, but to share my experiences with others facing the same risk and decisions.  “Ta Ta to the Ta-Tas” was born shortly thereafter.

I attempted to keep “Newly Organic” and “Ta-Tas” going, but soon realized that I really limited myself with specific topics and felt that not only did I have a lot more to share, but that it would be easier for me, friends, and any followers to find me in one spot.  It is here that I created “Full Plate Momma”.  As Jamie said, I can’t talk about boobs forever, but I think it could last quite some time!  I debated this decision for years, creating a much more general blog, even before “Ta-Tas” was in existence.  After much praying and asking for answers, my gut continued to pull me in the direction of “Full Plate Momma”.

I will continue conveying information regarding health concerns, mainly focusing on the importance of organic eating.  I will also document my journey with BRCA1 and the prophylactic mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction and hysterectomy that I plan to have in 2013.  I will also post recipes, vent about motherhood, share couponing theories, and any other little thing that life hands me.

Here is my previvor, foodie, working full-time with a family blog.  Enjoy!


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