Summer lovin’, had me a blast!


imageThis summer has been wonderfully, unexpectedly crazy. I’ve gotten to travel and not only visit some wonderful people that I don’t usually get to spend time with, but also have a few adventures with them.

I look at all of the first day of school pictures posted and realize how quickly summer is winding down. Summer used to be my absolute favorite season. Hot days that included swimming, relaxing, and seeing friends. No stress, no responsibility. Now as an adult, I’m unable to disregard the daily activities of life for three months, autumn has worked it’s way up to favorite season. The smells, flavors, and loved ones birthdays and anniversaries are plentiful. Not to mention football season. Something about the chill in the air and the colors surrounding that make me want to be a outside and a part of it all.

This autumn so close, I want to catch up on posting summer so that I can move on to thoroughly enjoy the season. This summer was too well, wonderfully, unexpectedly crazy not to share, with Hunger Game tours, Madhouse Masquerade, adventures in running, roller derby gals, and other great times to come. Now hopefully life can slow down a bit to fully enjoy my favorite time of year.


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