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Keeping it real


IMG_2119I mentioned the “Momma Derby” a little while ago. It was a concept that has been forming in my head for quite some time that I just couldn’t quite explain outside of my head. During my recovery in January, I discussed with two of my very close friends, also moms, my idea. They both immediately knew what I was trying to say. At the same time, my roller derby playing sister was visiting. My conversations with her revolved around all things roller derby, so with that fresh on the mind, we coined the concept the “Momma Derby”.

The original idea is simple. A place for moms (or parents) to safely bond in a judgment free zone over bad moments but to also rejoice in those moments of pure genius. Within our small group we began immediately.  Usually through text, we share among ourselves our stress and our joy. Sometimes we even keep score (kids – 1, me – 0) in true derby fashion. I think that we all took comfort in each other’s journey, finding similarities within ourselves.

Then another mom that had no idea we were doing this took it to a new level. She has an amazingly adorable 1-year-old daughter and took a picture of this little cutie mid-tantrum. She then proceeded to post this picture of facebook with an explanation that most have a tendency to present our best in our status updates, so this was her attempt to bring a bit of balance. Seriously brilliant. Not long after, a mutual friend took a picture of her little girl during a meltdown and also posted it on facebook with an explanation of keeping it real.

Now the “Momma Derby” has evolved to “keeping it real”. Although these were two moments of struggle, I still also want to celebrate our moments that even we are amazed by our own parenting. I thought that I would feature one of my little guys throwing a huge fit as my first keeping it real moment, just to share the love. Then, as we’ve been doing for months, I received a text from one of my fellow “Momma Derby” moms, and immediately as I read it I knew that this was it. A moment of genius.

A preface.  This is a mom that I completely admire.  She is more engaged with her children than anyone that I’ve personally met.  She makes the effort to parent and not control her children, something that I continually struggle with.  And she does not sit around all day drinking.  So it surprised me when I received these texts today, but I couldn’t help cracking up when I read them.

Keeping it real #1
Wednesday at 11:47am, I received a picture of a beer (featured above)
Wednesday at 12:07pm, I received this text:
I’ve totally started beer today because I’m doing potty training with R (youngest son) and I need something to remind me to take him into the bathroom often. So I need to make myself go to the bathroom often! Lol

There you go fellow moms. This is one that I’ve never read in the potty training chapter of the parenting books. Our first keeping it real moment. Enjoy!

Please feel free to share your moments of insanity along with your moments of triumph.  We’re all in this world of parenting together, so let’s keep it real.