5 years ago today…


weddingI married the most wonderful man.  Ok, I know that every happily married woman claims that, but at the time I honestly didn’t have a clue.  I knew that we were good together, but I also knew that we already had some issues and that this union is going to be work and lots of it.

I didn’t notice any significant changes after our wedding.  We lived with each other prior, so we went back to the same house, the same jobs, and the same life.  Besides a nice vacation, we really didn’t feel an immediate change.

And then William arrived.  Before children we were pretty much two single people that happened to share an address.  Now we had to actually live together.  This transition was not pretty.  Things that seemed so easy in the past were an obstacle.  Before kid, if you were hungry, you ate.  Now we’re coordinating meals, eating together, and trying to bond into a family of three.  Our lives just shifted.

As we were forced to team up and work together, purely for survival, I felt something change within us.  We were no longer individuals working toward individualistic goals, but we were in this together, to the end.  As time lapsed and we continued to get our groove, and I realized that there is no one that I would rather do this with.  We don’t always share the same opinions, or see eye to eye, but he’s my rock.  He compliments me so well and I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

I am so thankful for the day that Jason entered my life.  It is so evident to me that we are meant to be together.  He’s the one.


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