(Random) Acts of kindness


photoI had this post ready to go for Monday, but after the Boston bombings I became a little disheartened with humankind.  It was a tough day all around.  On the  same day, one of my best friends moved to New York and it was the anniversary of her father’s death.  I knew that it was a difficult day for her and was preparing for our good bye when I heard about the bombings.  It was just too much and I felt empty.

Now after a couple days have passed, I’ve realized that we need acts of kindness (random or not) more than ever right now.  We need to support and love each other.  That said, here is my original post:

Here it is…another potty training post.  Not intentionally.  Unfortunately, this time I have to talk about the potty.

Saturday was a potty training break through…we had the first poo poo in the potty.  I bribed promised Will that if he did that, we would go for ice cream.  We celebrated at Dairy Queen.

I wanted to make sure that William knew why we were there, so I told anyone within ear shot that we were celebrating poo poo in the potty.  Although completely embarrassing (and I’m sure the teens going out on a date were not appreciative), I made a huge deal about William and his accomplishment.  We ordered our ice cream during this constant praise and sat down to enjoy.

It wasn’t until I was entering the receipt into my budget a couple of days later that I noticed that the cashier gave me a discount.  I was truly touched.  It wasn’t a lot, but it was definitely a little act of kindness for my accomplished son.  He didn’t make a big deal about it, but just extended a little bit of benevolence our way.

I’m turning 35 this year and decided a while ago to celebrate with 35 acts of kindness.  I already have a few ideas in my head, and it will probably take the entire month of October to do, but now I am so excited to do this.  I just know how I felt when I saw that receipt and hope to extend those feelings to someone else.  I’m still looking for ideas, so please pass them my way!


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