Hi, I’m Mollie, and I’m an app-aholic.


originalLast fall my company decided that I need a company cell phone and “forced” me to move to the new iPhone. There were no complaints here and I ran to the nearest Verizon and ordered my new phone. Since it was backordered, I impatiently waited weeks for its arrival. Finally, the day came and now I am a proud new owner of an iPhone.

We had our honeymoon phase. It took a little getting used to, but within just a couple of days, I couldn’t imagine life without it. Our courting period began with downloading any essential apps. I quickly had easy access to my favorite stores, social media, of course business functions, etc. It wasn’t long before I realized that there is an app for anything and everything, with a lot of free versions, and I became addicted.

Recently my husband and I decided that our current financial situation was not in our best interest and decided to revamp our budget. Guess what?!?! There is an app for that! I quickly had just about every financial and budgeting app on my phone to see which would work the best for us. That’s another advantage, there are usually many free options for your needs, so you can see which one works best for you. If you don’t like it, just delete it.

I have so many apps on my phone, that during my recent hospital stay, my doctor actually commented on it. I feel like I’ve been around the block with some app essentials now, so I’ll let you in on my favorites.

Accounts 2 Checkbook – I love this finance app. There is a free version that I started with, but since I knew that I didn’t want to live without it, I forked over the $1.99 for the full version. It only took one click for me to transfer my information from the free version to the full version. This app tracks all of our bank accounts, provides numerous graphs to evaluate spending, and I even keep my personal budget in there. I love that every time I buy something it just takes a second to enter it into this app and each purchase is easily recorded. I no longer have a purse full of receipts to enter into our budgeting spreadsheet when I get a chance.

Everest – I am a very goal oriented person, so I knew that I had to have an app to help keep me on track. I love the options, like short and long term goals, the ability to focus on certain goals, etc. I also like that a community is provided, or you can follow your friends, or you can go at it alone. There are also community challenges that range from health to adventure, financial to creative, etc. if you are looking for a team to join or a group with similar goals.

Toca Doctor Lite – I am sure that I would love all of the Toca Boca apps, but most of them are paid and I like free. My 3-year-old loves Toca Doctor Lite. It only took a few times playing for him to understand all of the games and now he “fixes” his patient like a pro. This app is entertaining, keeps my child engaged, actually takes some hand/eye coordination and even a little brain power, and is just overall cute.

Timehop – My sis actually introduced me to this and now I look forward to it daily. This app takes your Facebook history and tells you what was happening in your life x amount of years ago, depending on your posts. Even if you don’t have a post for that day, it gives you a tidbit of history for that date. You can even share your history on Facebook, which is fun is something incredibly exciting happened that day. I will admit that I am kicking myself now for not having more posts on Facebook, but I still love seeing the pictures of my kids, status updates of where we were in our lives, and realizing how much difference even one year can make.

And finally,

Red Stamp – Not only am I an app-aholic, but I am the WORST thank you card writer in the history of time. I rarely send them and if I do, I never feel at peace with what I’ve written. In comes Red Stamp. This lovely app has a vast collection of cards for numerous occasions and sends them to your chosen recipient. I’m not sure that it’s the best way to tell my husband “Happy Birthday”, but it’s great for a distant relative or to send my husband a just because note. You can upload photos into your cards, send pretty inspirational messages, and even send thank you cards.

I hope that you enjoy these apps. What’s your go to app (I’m always looking to add to my collection)?


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