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i_love_adele_heart_t_shirt-p235043551120231470stvj_400My birthday seemed to be an important day for each of my boys. It was William’s due date. He ended up arriving five weeks early and was kind enough to let me keep my birthday to myself. Collin on the other hand wasn’t due until 11 days after my birthday, but decided that my water should break as a birthday present. I managed to delay labor for three days, so at least we still have our own days.

The year that Collin was born my best friend gave me the Adele CD as my birthday present. Since my weekend was consumed with delaying labor, I didn’t have a chance to listen to it until I was on my way to the doctor, three days later. I blasted Adele the entire way to the office and thoroughly enjoyed my birthday gift. During my appointment, I was sent to the hospital and later that day Collin arrived.

Since he was born he has always loved Adele’s music. I am sure that this love stemmed from our drive to the doctor the day that he was born. I would indulge him during our car rides and it always seemed to sooth him. I would tell my friends and family about how much Collin loved Adele and I could see their looks, their faces said it all. It was obvious that they thought that I was projecting my love for the singer onto my new baby…and that I was completely crazy.

It wasn’t until my recent surgery and hospital stay that an incident confirmed Collin’s love for Adele and I finally had witnesses and proof. My family was on their way back from visiting me and the tiny hospital room and car ride was just too much for Collin. He was restless and ready to be home. Luckily, my MIL had taken my place as copilot and repeatedly turned around trying to sooth the little guy. Nothing seemed to work until…as she was turning and trying to maneuver in my little Civic her foot accidentally hit the CD button on the console. Adele blared from the speakers and Collin was instantly calmed and remained that way the rest of the way home. Of course, they kept Adele playing the remainder of the trip.

Finally, now everyone believes me.